Territory Hard Goods Vintage Furniture & Houseware

The Story of Territory: rediscovered housewares and hard goods

We’re a team of two married couples with collective backgrounds in marketing, farming, journalism, historic restoration, creative writing, band management, acupuncture and most importantly finding and fixing up old things. 

We love collecting old pieces that have timeless style, sturdy construction and checkered histories (much like our friends), so we decided to try our hands at preservation and restoration, one rusty tanker desk at a time. What else do we love? Dogs. Camp fires. Food. Our Babies. Road trips. And television programs involving sword play.

Based in Philadelphia and Shreveport, the four of us split our time between urban and rural living and our design aesthetic reflects this: We like to bring the outdoors inside, we enjoy creating spaces that feel lived in, not precious…and we believe a great room not only brings people together, but tells a good story.

Our aesthetic can best be described as Machine Age meets westward expansion with styles including primitive, industrial, mid-century, mission, Southwestern, and rustic. Both head turners and conversation pieces, our affordable home furnishings represent the very best of Americana and the world beyond, as well as an exclusive selection of handcrafted goods by local artisans. They’re the originals. Not reproductions made by barns that don’t even sell pottery. And because they’re upcycled, they’re good for mama Earth.

Our philosophy: Your home is your Territory. Go ahead and mark it.